SFPE Definition of Professional Services/Profession

Fire Protection Engineers and including:

  1. Design of fire protection systems including, but not limited to, sprinkler, suppression, fire alarm, releasing systems, detection, smoke control and inerting systems for contractors, individuals, or other entities.
  2. Renew and approval of fire protection systems.
  3. Onsite testing of such systems installed by other contractors.
  4. Performance of hydrant flow tests or other tests to verify adequacy of water supply for various fire sprinkler and suppression systems.
  5. Consultation with contractors, insurance company representatives, fire code officials, building code officials, authorities having jurisdiction, and other government agencies on a contractual basis.
  6. Service as the fire protection "designer of record" assisting design.
  7. Performance of comprehensive building life safety/code analysis  including multi-discipline analysis of life safety systems, egress, and pertinent life safety codes.
  8. Sub-consulting services performed for various architects, engineers, and contractors.
  9. Inspection of existing and new fire protection systems installed by other contractors.
  10. Instruction/teaching on fire protection related topics.

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