FCIA Highlights

Program Highlights:

  • "A" Rated Carrier
  • Available nationwide, membership recommended
  • Two Options/One Application - Coverage for engineers under Architects & Engineers form and coverage under Miscellaneous Professional Liability form at lesser premium.
  • Indications/Quotes can be generated from other carrier applications.


  • Professional Services include Fire Control, Firestop/Fire Barrier Specialists, Project Management/Design/Surveying and Inspection Services. Submit for additions.
  • Fills the gap where CGL excludes coverage for design.
  • Bodily injury/property damage covered - endorsed on MPL (MPL often excludes)
  • Claim response even without BI/PD
  • Only the policy itself can respond in the event of a claim. 

FCIA Brochure

FCIA Insurance Presentation

Insurance 101 - Glossary of Insurance Terms, Articles and Information

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