NRCA ProRoofers General Liability FAQs

Q. Can I buy open roof coverage under this policy?
A. Yes, at roughly 20%. A sublimit may apply.

Q. What other coverages can be added?
A. Condo, hospital, schools, 4 story buildings, torch work, overspray may be available if needed.

Q. How is the premium calculated?
A. Premium is primarily based on gross receipts. Keep in mind for budgeting.

Q. Is the policy auditable?
A. Yes, usually at year end. Sales and payroll result in a refund or bill. Keep in mind for budgeting throughout the year.

Q. What are the usual subcontractor requirements?
A. (1) Hold Harmless Agreements, (2) Name you as additional insured, (3) be insured for $1mil/$1mil (exact match of your limits may be required, and (4) certificates of insurance provided.

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